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Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge / Transmitter



The wireless digital pressure gauge is a battery low power/wireless digital output of the digital pressure gauge, the built-in high precision pressure sensor, can accurate real-time display of pressure, and has the features of high precision and good long-term stability.

This digital pressure transmitter is equipped with large size LCD liquid crystal display, built-in MCU, mature with China mobile GPRS network, the implementation will be the scene of the pipeline pressure wirelessly uploaded to the cloud.

This digital pressure gauge adopts 304 stainless steel casing and joint, through this antiexplosion certificate.It can measure the non-corrosive medium of stainless steel, such as gas, liquid and oil.


The digital pressure gauge features practical, real-time display the current pressure, upload speed for 1 minute to 24 hours is adjustable, can be preset stations, once triggered alarm pressure will send alarm data in a timely manner.

Especially suitable for fire pipes, fire end, fire pump room, petrochemical industry, etc.

At present, the digital pressure gauge have been used for the monitoring system of China fire water pipe network.