JC624 Economical Pressure Sensor and Transducer


JC624 Economical Pressure Sensor and Transducer

●Product Overview

JC624 Economical Pressure Sensor and Transducer is a civil and industrial product with large consumption and low costs, for which a new standard of cost performance has been established. This series of products is widely used for pneumatic and hydraulic detection even in very harsh medium environment such as sewage, vapor, slight corrosive liquid and gas.
JC624 series is designed with foreign advanced micro-machined silicon pressure-sensitive resistance metal membranes. Micro-melting technology is adopted to solidify the high–temperature glass on the stainless steel isolating membrane. Glass cementation avoids the influence of temperature, humidity, mechanical fatigue and medium on the adhesive and material, thus enhancing long-term stability of the sensor in industrial environment. Meanwhile, the effect of P – N junction in a conventional micromechanical sensor can also be avoided.


●Product Features

*Leakage protection
*Low-cost OEM
*Free of O-ring, silicone oil, and welding seam
*Millivolt or standard signal output
*High cost performance
*Wide range of operating temperature
*Single-piece integrated structure made of stainless steel

●Product Applications

*Pump and compressor
*Hydraulic and pneumatic system
*Energy and water treatment system
*Automatic detection system
*Agricultural equipment
*Refrigeration equipment — Freon or ammonia