NAME:JC418 Digital Pressure Controller

JC418 digital pressure controller is specially designed for high-end supporting high-standard customers. It is a high-precision microprocessor-controlled pressure measuring instrument developed and manufactured by our company.


JC418 digital pressure controller is specially designed for high-end supporting high-standard customers. It is a high-precision microprocessor-controlled pressure measuring instrument developed and manufactured by our company. The high-precision signal processor sends the pressure signal to the microprocessor. The pressure sensor used is a high-precision, high-stability product compatible with intelligent pressure switch electronic equipment.

JC418 is a kind of digital pressure controller with multiple outputs, built-in temperature sensor with temperature compensation, high display accuracy, diverse control output methods, dual relay output, RS485 output, 4-20mA signal output optional. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good seismic resistance, high control accuracy, arbitrary adjustment of the control range, and long service life. The circuit design is excellent and stable, fully considering the complex situation of the automation site, and has a variety of protections such as strong anti-interference, anti-surge protection, anti-reverse protection and so on. Adopt all 304 stainless steel shell and 304 stainless steel joint. The pressure diaphragm adopts 316L stainless steel core, with stable performance, and can be widely used in automatic systems for measuring pressure, such as mechanical chemical industry, automatic control system and so on.


* Protection grade: IP65 (straight out type)
* 4-20mA or RS485 output optional
* 4 LED digital real-time display pressure
* Explosion-proof grade: ExidII CT4 (optional)
* Axial and radial selection of stainless steel dial installation
* One-key switch of various pressure units, one-key reset function
* Three kinds of pressure units are available: MPa, kgf / cm2, PSI
* A variety of power supply modes can be selected to meet different site conditions
* Various dials are optional: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm
* Wide range: from vacuum to 200MPa, with positive and negative gauge pressure range
* Various relay signal outputs and all have normally open and normally closed, the alarm point can be set arbitrarily
* Wide working temperature range, high comprehensive measurement accuracy, good long-term stability, fast response and easy adjustment
* Excellent sensitive components have excellent anti-corrosion, anti-impact, and overload, anti-vibration, anti-wear performance
* Multiple controller modes: electric contact mode, double relay mode, controller mode, double relay plus output mode can be freely selected


* Equipment automation
* Construction machinery
* Medical equipment
* Pump and compressor
* Energy and heat supply
* Instrument and meter supporting
* Pressure laboratory
* Mechanical and Electronic Industry
* Hydraulic and pneumatic system


JC418 Digital Pressure Controller

Product Image

JC418 Digital Pressure Controller

Measuring Range Micro pressure range:0~1KPa 5…10…25…40…60…100kPa
Normal pressure range:0~0.25…0.6…1…6…2.5…4MPa
High pressure range:0~6…10…16…25…40…60MPa
Ultra high pressure range:0~100…160MPa…200MPa
Absolute pressure range:0~2KPa、5KPa、10KPa、100KPa、1MPa…3.5MPa
Negative pressure range:0~-1KPa、-10KPa、-20KPa、-30KPa……-100KPa
Composite pressure range:-1KPa~1KPa、-10KPa~10KPa、-100KPa~20MPa
Differential pressure range:0~10…25…40…60…100…250…400…600kPa, 0~1…1.6MPa
Overload Capability 1.5 times full-scale pressure (1.1 times full-scale pressure for ≥100MPa)
Pressure Type Gauge pressure、Absolute pressure、Differential pressure
Measuring Medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Alarm Point Setting Full range can be set, anti-fluctuation backlash setting
Control Method Relay signal-normally open normally closed
Signal Output Analog output 4~20mA / 1~5VDC Or digital output RS485 (option)
Load Capacity 220VAC 3A 、24VDC 3A
Accuracy ±0.25%FS   、   ±0.5%FS  、   ±1%FS
Long-term Stability Typical:±0.5%FS/year
Working Temperature -20~ 80℃  (High temperature customization is acceptable)
Compensation temperature -10 ~ 70℃
Power supply 24VDC、220VAC、380VAC(customized)
Electrical Protection Reverse polarity protection    Anti-electromagnetic interference
Installation Interface M20*1.5 、G1/4、 NPT1/4 or customized
Electrical connections Aerial plug or straight out cable (default with cable 0.5m)
Certificate CE、Intrinsically Explosion-proof  for option
Display 4 digits display
Sampling Frequency 5HZ
Shell Protection IP65 (please add rainproof measures when using it outdoors)
Weight Approx. 0.3kg
Interface and Housing 304 stainless steel
Model :JC418
Technical Parameter Code Description
Pressure Type G Gauge pressure、Negative pressure
A Absolute pressure
D Differential pressure
Pressure Range 00~ X   E.g:0~1MPa
Accuracy 0 ±1%FS
1 ±0.5%FS
2 ±0.25%FS
Power Supply V1 12VDC
V2 24VDC  (default)
V3 220VAC
V4 380VAC(Customized)
Dial Size D1 60mm
D2 80mm
D3 100mm
D0 Customized
Pressure Connection F1 M20x1.5 male thread
F2 G1/4 male thread
F0 Customized
Electrical connection W1 Lock out straight (with 0.5 meter cable)
W2 Aviation plug (with 0.5 meter cable)
Installation Structure J Radial installation
Z Axial installation
Control type K1 Double relay control type
K2 Electric contact control type
K3 Controller-controlled
K4 Double switch plus current output type
Additional Selection A1 With 4-20mA signal output
S1 With RS485 signal output
D Intrinsically safe explosion-proof only 24VDC is applicable
P Engineering plastic shell (only 80mm dial, no K4 control option)
T Special selection requirements

Model selection example: JC418G(0~1MPa)-1-V2-D2-F2-W1-J-K1
Parameter description::JC418 digital pressure controller;Range:0-1MPa Gauge;Accuracy:0.5%FS;Power Supply:24V DC; Dial size:80mm;Pressure connection:G1/4 male;Electrical connection:Lock out straight;Installation Structure:Radial installation;Control type:Double relay control
Selection tips:
1. The Measuring Medium should be compatible with the product materials in contact.
2. There may be unsupported product options, please consult the engineer
3. For other special requirements, please consult with the company and indicate in the order