NAME:JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter

JC28 sapphire pressure transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The series is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance.

JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter Description:

JC28 sapphire pressure transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The sapphire pressure transmitter is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance. JC28 sapphire pressure transmitter is rugged and durable to meet the requirements of more stringent industrial standards. JC28 sapphire pressure sensor is widely used in industrial support, industry support and equipment support. The sapphire pressure sensor includes a variety of options, which are applied to different industries and different working conditions. JC28 sapphire pressure sensor solves the needs for economic pressure monitoring in different occasions and serves a wide range of industries.

JC28 sapphire pressure transmitter adopts the principle of titanium/silicon-sapphire, reasonable structure, small size, light weight and titanium/silicon alloy material. JC28 sapphire pressure sensor has wide pressure range, good stability, wear resistance, impact resistance and wider temperature range, all stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance. All welded structure, without any media filling, is safer and more reliable to use.

JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter Features:

* Wide temperature range (medium-65°C~150°C, environment-45°C~100°C)
* Wide pressure range (100KPa~160MPa)
* Anti-shock
* Stable and reliable quality
* Small temperature error
* Small and compact structure, wide application range
* Compliance with CE standards

JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter Application:

* Industrial site process pressure control
* Nautical and shipbuilding industry
* Petroleum and chemical industry
·Oilfield, deep well, shale gas, pressure measurement
* Construction machinery and equipment
* High-voltage equipment,
* Hydraulic, waterjet equipment

Size and Outline:

JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter

Electrical Connections:


Description PG7 Grand lock head outlet
1m Shielded cable
A type Hessman Plug M12x1 Aviation plug Straight out or
Corner out 1m unshielded cable
Code W1 W2 W3/W4
Diagram JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter
Protection Grade IP67 IP65 IP67
Ambient Temperature -40~85℃ -40~85℃ -40~85℃
Current output
wiring definition
Voltage output
wiring definition
Current output
wiring diagram
JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter
Voltage output
wiring diagram
JC28 Sapphire Pressure Transmitter

Performance Parameter:

Measuring Range 0~100KPa…160MPa
Overload Capability 4 times full scale pressure (up to 200MPa)、
Burst Pressure 6xFS(≤200MPa)
Durability ﹥1×108 cycle(P:10~90%FS)
Pressure Type Gauge / Absolute
Measuring medium Gas or liquid compatible with titanium/silicon
Response time ≤5ms
Resolution 0.01%FS
Accuracy(linear,hysteresis, repeatability) Typical:±0.4%FS Maximum:±0.6%FS
Nonlinear Typical:±0.2%FS Maximum:±0.3%FS
Hysteresis, repeatability Typical:±0.15%FS Maximum:±0.2%FS
Long-term stability Typical:±0.15%FS/year Maximum:±0.2%FS/year
Zero temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.03%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.03%FS/℃

Environmental Conditions:

Medium Temperature -65~150℃
Ambient Temperature -45~100℃
Compensation Temperature -20~100℃
Vibration resistance ±20g ,IEC 60068-2-6
Impact resistance 1000g/1ms , IEC 60068-2-27
EMC EN61000-6(Level 3-2)
Shell Protection Plug type(IP65);Cable type(IP67);Compliance IEC 60529 standard
Certification CE

Electrical Specifications:

Code Standard signal
(with short circuit protection)
Supply voltage with polarity protection Power
Supply Current
Load(R) Output Impendence
A1 4~20mA DC 9~30V Max.25mA R≤(U-9)/0.02Ω
V1 1~5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V2 0~5 V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V3 0.5~4.5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V4 0.5~4.5V DC DC 5±0.25V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ


Interface and housing Stainless Steel 304L
Sensor Diaphragm Titanium/silicon
Weight Approx. 200g
JC28 G 025B A1 F1 W2
Model Pressure type Pressure Range Output Mounting thread Electrical connections


001B=1bar  GA
002B=2bar  GA
004B=4bar  GA
010B=10bar  GA
016B=16bar  GA
025B=25bar  GA
035B=35bar  GA
040B=40bar  GA
060B=60bar  GA
100B=100bar  GA
250B=250bar  GA
400B=400bar  GA
600B=600bar  G
01kB=1000bar  G
1k6B=1600bar  G
F1=M20x1.5 male W1=Straight Out 1m
W2=A type HSM plug
W3=M12 corner out 1m
W4=M12 Straight Out 1m

Model example: JC28G025BA1F1W3
(JC28 sapphire pressure transmitter, Range 0~15bar Gauge; Output 4~20mA; Accuracy 0.4% typical; Power Supply 9~30VDC;Pressure Connection M20X1.5 male thread; Electrical Connection M12 corner out 1m, Special instruction: 010B=10bar G/A, G/A stands for gauge and absolute pressure, G gauge, A absolute)

Remarks: It can be customized if the order quantity exceeds a certain amount. Please contact the sales engineers for details.