JC-CM01 Diffusion silicon sensor


JC-CM01 Diffusion silicon sensor

Production Overview

JC-CM01 Diffusion silicon sensor is divided into general type and assembly type, the general product shape, assembly size and sealing method are consistent with the international mainstream similar products, have a strong interchangeability, widely used in pressure compatible media with stainless steel and fluoro rubber Testing.
Assembled type is a general-purpose pressure sensitive element and is assembled into a pressure interface with a standard or a specific thread. Being rigorous tested and screened, using the face sealing or water line sealing, with a flexible structure, and have the same Application occasions with the common products, suitable for assembly and production of various pressure measurement products. Flushable film assembly is suitable for pressure testing in industries like food, medicine, hygiene, etc., and measuring media are likely to foul.
Corrosion-resistant assembly is suitable for pressure testing with highly corrosive media.

Product Features

– Measuring range 0kPa~20kPa…70MPa
– Gauge, absolute, seal gauge pressure
– constant current and voltage supply
– Isolated structure for a variety of fluid media
– Φ19mm small size OEM Pressure sensitive components
– stainless steel 316L material / Hastelloy C material
– Diaphragm diaphragm optional,titanium structure optional
– Standard male thread pressure connection available

Product Application

– Industrial Process Control
– Level measurement
– gas liquid pressure measurement
– Pressure testing instruments,
– pressure calibration equipment
– Hydraulic system and switch
– Refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system
– Aviation and navigation inspection

Electrical connections

JC-CM01 Diffusion silicon sensor

Note: The electrical connection is based on the connection marked on the product parameter card.


JC-CM01 Diffusion silicon sensor