High-frequency Dynamic Pressure Transmitter

Series high-frequency dynamic pressure sensor / transmitter have high intrinsic frequency, very short rise time, and wide and good response frequency band to ensure sufficient dynamic pressure measurement accuracy. High-frequency dynamic pressure sensor adopts high-performance chip of a foreign company, using micro machining technology to enable small effective dimensions and high intrinsic frequency of the integrated silicon chip. Thus, high-frequency dynamic pressure transmitter is ideal for dynamic pressure measurement.

High-frequency dynamic pressure transducer is used in military engineering, chemical explosion test, petroleum investigation and exploitation, missile, rocket engine testing, petroleum well test, material, mechanics, civil engineering, geo-mechanics, traumatic medicine, hydraulic power mechanical test and other scientific tests as well as modern instruments and meters.

High-frequency Dynamic Pressure Transmitter Video
  • High-frequency Dynamic Pressure Sensor
  • Micro High-frequency Pressure Sensor and Transmitter
High-frequency Dynamic Pressure Transmitter Application Field
  • Aviation and Military
  • Aircraft
  • Road and Bridge Mold Reduction Test
  • Dispenser Machine
  • Explosion, Blast Detection
  • Laboratory And Research Development

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