Digital Pressure Switch / Controller

JC418 digital pressure switch / controller is specially designed for high-end supporting high-standard customers by Jiucheng Sensor. It is a high-precision microprocessor-controlled pressure measuring instrument developed and manufactured by our company. The high-precision signal processor sends the pressure signal to the microprocessor. The pressure sensor used is a high-precision, high-stability product compatible with intelligent digital pressure switch electronic equipment.

JC418 is a kind of intelligent digital display pressure switch with multiple outputs, built-in temperature sensor with temperature compensation, high display accuracy, diverse control output methods, dual relay output, RS485 output, 4-20mA signal output optional. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good seismic resistance, high control accuracy, arbitrary adjustment of the control range, and long service life. The circuit design is excellent and stable, fully considering the complex situation of the automation site, and has a variety of protections such as strong anti-interference, anti-surge protection, anti-reverse protection and so on. Adopt all 304 stainless steel shell and 304 stainless steel joint. The pressure diaphragm adopts 316L stainless steel core, with stable performance, and can be widely used in automatic systems for measuring pressure, such as mechanical chemical industry, automatic control system and so on.

Digital Pressure Switch / Controller Video
  • Intelligent Digital Display Pressure Controller / Switch
  • Intelligent LED Display Pressure Switch
  • Digital Display Pressure Controller
Digital Pressure Switch / Controller Application Field
  • Pump and compressor
  • Equipment Automation
  • Mechanical and Electronic Industry
  • Energy and Heat Supply
  • Construction Machinery
  • Pipeline Pressure Measurement

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