JC460 Digital Pressure Gauges



JC460 digital pressure gauges is a cost-effective and low-power pressure measuring instrument specially designed for standard customers. Equipped with LCD liquid crystal display, with a variety of functions, such as zero reset, backlight, Power on / off, unit switching, low voltage alarm and other functions, simple operation and easy installation.

JC460 digital pressure meter is a compact and economical digital pressure gauge with integrated pressure measurement and display. With anti-vibration, good stability, can be cleared, automatic standby and so on. It is battery-powered. Due to the low-power processor chip, it has a long battery life. It has automatic standby and one-click reset functions. It is easy to use and can replace mechanical pressure gauges for portable pressure measurement, equipment matching, pressure vessels, Fire protection network management, automation equipment, laboratory equipment and other fields.


* Display range
* Zero error can be cleared with one click
* Four-digit LCD screen displays pressure in real time
* With percentage scale bar, visual display of current pressure percentage
* Battery-powered, low-power design can last up to 18 months
* Wide operating temperature range, high comprehensive measurement accuracy, and good long-term stability
* One-button switching of multiple units: MPa, bar, kgf / cm2, psi, kPa
* 304 stainless steel dial with an outer diameter of 60mm, Choice of axial and radial installation


* Equipment automation
* Replace pointer pressure gauge
* Energy and heat supply
* Mechanical electronics industry
* Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
* Engineering machinery
* Pump and compressor
* Instrumentation
* Water treatment system
* Portable pressure measurement
* Pressure data collection of water pipe network and natural gas pipe network


JC460 Digital Pressure Gauges