NAME:JC-CM04 Diffusion Silicon Sensor (0kPa~100kPa…100MPa, ∅12.6mm)

JC-CM04 diffused silicon sensor is a pressure measuring component isolated by stainless steel corrugated diaphragm.

Diffused Silicon Pressure Sensor Introduction:

JC-CM04 diffusion silicon pressure sensor is a pressure measuring component isolated by stainless steel corrugated diaphragm. The diffused silicon pressure transducer adopts integrated structure, high pressure resistance value, stable and reliable, especially suitable for medium and high pressure measurement. High-precision and high-stability pressure-sensitive chips, pressure sensitive components are assembled on precision production lines, automatically tested by computer, and provide zero-point correction and temperature compensation for resistors. The diffusion silicon pressure sensor has a small size with wide pressure range, and is suitable for small precision equipment.

Diffused Silicon Pressure Transducer Features:

* Measuring range: 0kPa~100kPa…100MPa
* Gauge, absolute, sealed gauge pressure
* Constant current and voltage supply
* Isolated structure for a variety of fluid media
* Φ12.6mm, small size OEM Pressure sensitive components
* Stainless steel 316L material / Hastelloy C material
* Widely temperature compensation -10℃~80℃

Diffused Silicon Pressure Transducer Application:

* Industrial Process Control
* Level measurement
* Gas liquid pressure measurement
* Pressure calibration equipment
* Air Navigation Inspection
* Hydraulic system and switch
* Refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system


JC-CM04 Diffusion Silicon Sensor

Electrical Connections

JC-CM04 Diffusion Silicon Sensor

Parameters MIN. TYP. MAX.
Non-linear %FS,BFSL ±0.2 ±0.25
Repeatability %FS ±0.05 ±0.075
Hysteresis %FS ±0.05 ±0.075
Zero output mV DC ±3.0
Full-scale output mV DC 50
Zero temperature Error %FS, reference 25℃ ±0.75 ±1.0
Full-scale temperature Error %FS, reference 25℃ ±0.75 ±1.0
Compensated temperature ℃*** -10~80
Operating temperature ℃ -40~125
Storage temperature ℃ -40~125
Long-term stability %FS/year ±0.1
Electrical performance Power supply ≤2.0mA DC ;≤10V DC
Electrical connection Gold plated Corvo pin or silicone rubber flexible wire
Common mode voltage output 50% of input (typical)
Input impendence 3kΩ~8kΩ
Output impendence 3.5kΩ~6kΩ
Response (10%~90%) <1ms
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,100VDC
Overload 1.5 times of full-scale or 110MPa, take the min. value
Structural performance Diaphragm material 316 stainless steel
Housing material 316 stainless steel
Pin Gold plated Kovar or silicone rubber flexible wire
O-ring fluororubber
Net weight Approx.10g
Ambient temperature Location effects Deviation from 90 ° in any direction, zero change ≤ ± 0.1% FS
vibration No change under (20~2000) Hz conditions in10gRMS
Impact 100g,11ms
Media compatibility Liquid or gas compatible with stainless steel and Viton
Baseline conditions Media temperature (25±1)℃
Ambient temperature (25±1)℃
Impact 0.1g(1m/s2) Max
Humidity (50%±10%) RH
Environmental pressure (86~106) kPa
Power supply (1.5±0.0015) mA DC
JC-CM04 Diffused Silicon Pressure Sensor
Code Structure and Power supply
JC-CM04Ⅰtype   with support ring(Φ16.8mm)
JC-CM04Ⅱtype    Φ12.6mm×10.5mm
C Constant Current
V Constant Voltage
Code Range Type Code Range Type
100K 100KPa G.A 7M 7MPa S
200K 200KPa G.A 10M 10MPa S
350K 350KPa G.A 20M 20MPa S
700K 700KPa G.A 35M 35MPa S
1M 1MPa G.A 70M 70MPa S
2M 2MPa G.A 100M 100MPa S
3.5M 3.5MPa G.S.A
Code Pressure Type
G Gauge
A Absolute
S Sealed Gauge
Code Temperature compensation method
L Laser resistance compensation
M Provide compensation resistance
Code Electrical connection
1 Gold plated Kovar pin
2 Silicone rubber flexible wire

1. Electrical connection is a “soft wire” product, the wire length can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. Can be used for down-range, and the amplitude is controlled within ±50%FS.
3. Protect the isolation diaphragm at the front end of the pressure sensitive component to prevent the impact of the pressure sensitive component from damaging the sensitive component.
4. The maximum pressure of the system should be less than the overload protection limit of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product and damage the product.
5. The commonly used compensation method for the product is 1.5mA constant current compensation. It is recommended to give priority.
6. Do not force or pull the pins of sensitive components.
7. If you have special requirements on product performance parameters and functions, please contact us.

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