Diffused silicon pressure sensor JC-CM05


Diffused silicon pressure sensor JC-CM05

●Product overview

JC-CM05 is a small-size, economical pressure-sensitive component. Its assembly size and sealing method are consistent with mainstream similar products. It is widely used in pressure testing of stainless steel and fluororubber compatible media, which can meet some limited installation space occasions.

● Features

* Measuring range 0kPa~20kPa…3.5MPa
* Gauge pressure type, absolute pressure type
* Constant current /constant voltage
* Isolated structure for a variety of fluid media
* Dia. Φ19mm
* 316Lstainless steel ,imported chips,Laser compensation
* Economical, small size


● Application

* Industrial process control
* Level measurement
* Gas, liquid pressure measurement
* Pressure measuring instruments, pressure calibration instruments
* Air Navigation Testing
* Hydraulic system and switch
* Refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system


●Electrical connection