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Pressure Sensors and Transmitters Application
Our pressure sensors and pressure transmitters have been widely used in aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power plants, automation equipment manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
oil industry pressure sensor
Oil industry
paper industry pressure transmitter
Paper Industry
smart factory pressure sensor
Smart Factory
intelligent city pressure transmitter
Intelligent City
electric power industry pressure sensor
Power Industry
new energy pressure transmitter
New Energy
metallurgical industry pressure sensor
steel industry pressure transmitter
Steel Industry
medical industry pressure transmitter
Medical Industry
chemical factory pressure sensor
Chemical Factory
heavy machinery pressure transmitter
Heavy Machinery
transportation pressure sensor
environment pressure transmitter
medicine pressure sensor
food and beverage pressure transmitter

From the blog

Date:  July 9, 2018 Place:  Naning Jiucheng Office People: Engineer Tong, Engineer Zheng, General Yan, Dina, Toni, Joy, Cui, Chen About: Pressure Sensors   CONTENTS: In order to get customers’ requests better, solve customers’ problems and provide more reasonable and high-quality services, Engineer Tong and Zheng in JC company taught lessons for their 5 sales managers on Sunday, for crystal structure and working principle for sensor cores and Interpretation of transmitter parameters ,etc. The photo of sensor core’ 316 stainless steel diaphragm( about 0.02mm of the thickness),force strain material, contact with the medium under test. Silicone oil filling, It is mainly used for bufferingto protect the…

This kind of advance work can reduce the troubles that will arise in future use. The 1 pressure transmitter needs to maintain stability after overtime work: most transmitters will be “drifting” after overworking, so it is necessary to understand the stability of the transmitter before buying. In particular, it is easy to overlook the packaging of rack and 2 pressure transmitter. The encapsulation of the transmitter. However, this will gradually expose its shortcomings in later use. When choosing a transmitter, we must take into account the future working environment of transmitters, humidity, and how to install transmitters, and whether there…

Recently, Nanjing Hong Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the production of high vacuum sensors for the first time through the introduction of production technology and equipment. The product is mainly used in vacuum measurement of medical equipment, packaging equipment, petroleum refining and so on. The product has a good prospect of application. It marks the further expansion of Hong Mu technology’s product line in China.